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Name:everything black butler/kuroshitsuji
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Welcome to [community profile] kuroshit! This community is dedicated to the pseudo-horror Victorian-themed manga and anime, Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler. The purpose of this community is mainly for discussion, news, speculation, etc., since Tumblr isn't exactly the ideal format for discussions.

  1. Respect Other Members
    The classic "don't be a dick" rule. This community is discussion-based, so other people might have different opinions on topics or the series as a whole. All members should be polite and respectful of other members. Any member found to be rude, trolling, or otherwise just behaving like an ass will be removed and banned from the community without warning.
  2. Tag Spoilers
    When discussing recent developments in the series, mark for spoilers appropriately. If your post contains spoilers, please use the !spoiler tag, and consider adding the tag if discussion in your post brings up spoilers. When commenting, a note that your comment contains spoilers in the subject line is fine!
  3. No Explicit Material
    When sharing fanart or fanfiction dealing with adult material, please do not post it to the main community. Post it to your own journal (or fic community, etc.) and link to it. When sharing fanart, make sure your preview image is completely worksafe.
  4. Tag Posts Appropriately
    When posting to the community, please tag your posts. You can see our current tags here, and you can request new tags here.

  5. Membership and posting are open, so feel free to post questions, discussion, fanworks, or merchandise sales so long as they relate to Kuroshitsuji!

    The moderator of the community is [personal profile] swagu. If you have any concerns or things to report, feel free to send it as a PM to that account or report it here.


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